4th International Multidisciplinary Conference: Repositioning Science, Technology, and Innovations for Sustainable Research in a Dynamic Ecosystem

Theme: “Repositioning Science, Technology, and Innovations for Sustainable Research in a Dynamic Ecosystem.”


Rongo University is proud to announce the 4th International Multidisciplinary Conference, scheduled from 14th to 16th February 2024. This prestigious event aims to foster the exchange of knowledge and ideas, repositioning the role of science, technology, and innovation in sustainable research within a dynamic ecosystem. With a diverse array of sub-themes, the conference promises to be a comprehensive platform for intellectual discourse and collaboration.

Sub-Themes: The conference will cover a diverse range of topics, including but not limited to:

Science, Technology, and Innovation for the Future

Climate Change and Environmental Stewardship

Sustainable Development, Food, and Nutrition Security

Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals

Misinformation, Disinformation, and Malinformation Dilemmas

Project Planning in the 21st Century

Innovation and Governance in Business for Social Development

Leveraging Paradigm Shifts in Economic, Political, and Social Development in the Post-Covid-19 Era

Language in Development

Kiswahili na Utandawazi

Gender, Child Welfare, and Social Protection

Human Resource Management in the Face of Financial Crisis

Transforming Education Through Inclusivity and Competency

Emerging Issues in Data, Information, and Knowledge Management

Information and Communication Technologies Today and Tomorrow

Strengthening Healthcare Systems and Health Information Technology

Communication and Media Practices Catalyzing Sustainable Development

Agricultural Value Chain and Circular Economy

Important Dates

Conference Fees

  • Submission of Abstracts: 1st – 21st November 2023
  • Submission of Full Papers: 22nd November 2023 – 5th January 2024
  • Registration Deadlines:
    • Early bird: 1st November 2023 – 5th January 2024
    • Timely: 6th January 2024 – 7th February 2024
    • Late: 8th February 2024 – 14th February 2024
  • Physical Platform:
    • Early Bird: Non-students 9,000/=, Students 7,500/=
    • Timely: Non-students 10,000/=, Students 8,000/=
    • Late: Non-students 12,000/=, Students 8,500/=
  • Non East Africans: 140US$ (Early Bird), 150 US$ (Timely), 200 US$ (Late)
  • Virtual Platform:
    • Presenters: 3,000/=
    • Non East Africans: 100 US$
    • Exhibitions and Posters: 20,000/=

Submission and Payment Details

Contact Us

Interested participants can submit their abstracts and papers via the following link: https://journals.rongovarsity.ac.ke/index.php/IJORU

For payment, please use the following details:

  • Co-op Bank: Rongo Branch
  • Account Name: Rongo University Research Account
  • Account Number: 01694477027400

Ensure you forward your payment details to: ijorueditor@rongovarsity.ac.ke

Venue: Rongo University

M-pesa Details:

Paybill: 400200

Account: 01694477027400

Join us in this endeavor to reshape the future through the lens of science, technology, and innovation. Let’s build a sustainable and harmonious world together.