Child Protection Information Management System (CPMIS) rollout Under the USAID/UoN-HealthIT project, Rongo University conducted a one day conference, coordinated by Dr. Adoyo Maureen, Amuomo Nixon and officiated by Prof. Aguyo Joseph, for the implementation of CPIMS for Department of Child Services. Child protection is key to ensuring the future of this nation. It requires concerted efforts by all parties to ensure that children grow in an environment where a holistic growth can be achieved. The challenges of HIV/AIDS, Covid-19, Poverty and Many other calamities have worked negatively to the detriment of our children. We are seeing an upward trend of early teenage pregnancies, rapes, orphans, and the vulnerable. Rongo University therefore appreciates the efforts from healthIT and as an institution, we will tap the rich data into operations research with outcomes that can solve the community challenges.