The Rongo University Alumni Association has been formed with the following objectives:

  1. To promote interaction and networking among the alumni, and between the University and the Alumni
  2. To participate in the growth and development of the University through mobilization of resources for specific projects
  3. To participate in the activities of the University as may be provided by the laws and statutes of the university.


Membership to the association includes

  1. Ordinary members- these are persons holding an academic certificate or honorary degrees awarded by Rongo University and Rongo University College
  2. Honorary members-these include persons who have potential to provide significant contributions to further the objectives of the association, as may be proposed by the board and approved by a General Meeting of members
  3. Ex-Officio members- include administrative staff of Rongo University holding the position of Chancellor, Vice- Chancellor, Deputy Vice- Chancellors, Registrars, Finance Officer and Dean of students.


The following is the composition of the Interim Board:

Dr. Eliud Oyoo


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Mr. Erick Mala


Ms. Jessica Oyweka Seda  


Dr. Taji Shivachi


Mr. Augustine Wasonga


Mr. Benson Asugo


Duties of the board

The duties of the board include:

  1. To implement activities and programs on behalf of the Association
  2. To prepare agenda for General meetings
  3. To present proposals for activities for approval at the General Meeting
  4. To solicit funds and authorize the expenditure of money on behalf of the Association
  5. To acquire and manage assets on behalf of the association and maintain an asset register
  6. Disposal of obsolete assets
  7. Provide reports such as financial and audit reports at a general meeting.