Our Vision

To be transformers of the whole world through leadership and values

Our Mission

To equip members for effective christian living and service in every area of life according to their calling and gifting and training through discipleship, mission, evangelism and leadership development

Our Theme

Bearing more and richer and more excellent fruit

Ministries & Activities


  1. Praise & Worship
  2. Mission docket
  3. Media
  4. Ushery
  5.  Choir
  6. Hospitality
  7. Intercessory
  8. Instrument

Weekly Activities

  1. Main service on Sundays 7am to 12 noon
  2. Mission Bench on Monday 4pm to 5pm
  3. Bible Study onTuesday 4pm to 5pm
  4. Midweek Service on Wednesday 4pm to 5pm
  5. Praise and Worship practice on Thursday 4pm to 5pm
  6. Choir Practice on Friday 4pm to 5pm
  7. Revival service on Saturdays 7pm – 9pm
  8. Morning Glory Monday to Friday 4:30 am to 6am
  9. Evening Conclusion Monday to Friday 5pm-6pm
  10. Evangelistic team service. Monday & Tuesday 7pm-9pm