Rongo University Peace Journalism Radio Project
Peace Journalism Radio Project

Discussion on "present and future trajectories of terrorists and armed non-state actors" at the Wilson Center which Dr. Ogenga of CMDPS participated in

The following activities have already been undertaken or are ongoing under the Center for Media, Democracy, Peace and Security at Rongo University College.

Paper On "Embodying Youth Deradicalization in Kenya: Rethinking State Relations, Foreign Policy, and Mediatized Peacebuilding in the Context of the 'War on Terror' as a New Found Democratic Principle" presented by Dr. Ogenga at the Woodrow Wilson Center Sothern Voices Network(SVN) conference on "Building Peace through Inclusivity: Strengthening Economic, Social and Political Inclusion in Africa"
The forthcoming Masters Degree and Postgraduate Certificate in Media, Democracy and Peace Studies at RUC

The Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship (ADF); supported by the Institute for International Education funded Prof Abu Bah's Visit to Rongo University for three weeks to help develop the graduate programme in Media, Democracy and Peace Studies.

$15, 000 Africa Peace building Network (APN) research grant awarded to Dr. Ogenga to conduct research on the Media and the Reconstruction of Terrorism for Peace and Security in Kenya.

$50 , 000 research grant proposal submitted by Drs. Fredrick Ogenga, Prof. Abu Bah, and Prof.Steve Youngblood to the Journalism Writers Foundation (Foundation Peace Project).

Affiliation with the African Conflict and Peace building Review Journal edited by Prof. Bah and published by Indiana University Press

The planned 2015 conference on media, democracy, and peace. Selected papers will be published in a Special Issue of African Conflict and Peace building Review.

12 months Peace and Reconciliation Journalism Weekly Radio Program and Cross-border Community Dialogues with Ugwe FM Community Radio in Migori County and its environs

The Screening of a documentary of Media and the Deconstruction of Terrorism for Peace and Security in Kenya from the ongoing research funded by Africa Peacebulding Network and the Social science Research Council (SSRC)

Three days Peace and Reconciliation Seminar Conducted by Prof. Steven Youngblood, Director of the Center for Global Peace Journalism, Park University and Dr Fredrick Ogenga that trained regional radio journalists on peace reporting

African-Centred Solutions 2nd Workshop, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (March 6-7 2015) Dr. Ogenga presented a paper titled; Media and Terrorism: Infusing African Gnosis Into Peace Journalism to Conceptualize Hybrid Peace Journalism for Conflict Resolution and Peace-building in Africa

Public Lecture by Dr. Fredrick Ogenga at the African Studies Center, Boston University, USA done on Tuesday, September 22 at 3 p.m.: “From Operation Linda Nchi to Usalama Watch: Local Mainstream Press and the Surge of Terrorism in Kenya”

Lecture to be delivered in an event titled: “Present & Future Trajectories of Terrorists and Armed Non-State Actors in Africa,” to be held at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC USA on the afternoon of 22 October 2015.

Public Lecture by Dr. Fredrcik Ogenga at the Institute for Policy Research , Bath University, USA to be done November 19 titled: “From al-Qaida to Alshabab: Local Mainstream Press and the globalImplication of Terrorism in Kenya and East Africa”