CPA Janet Chumba

Finance Officer

Finance department is headed by CPA Chumba through a collaborative process of management, working together with staff and with full support of Council. The department has continuously worked to ensure that the University meets its financial obligations for sustainability and for expansion as a higher learning institution.

Finance Department is at the central of the university operations. Its Strategic objective is to improve financial sustainability through diversification of revenue streams and effective and efficient management of university resources.

The department supports about 40 budget units that comprise university academics, administration and auxiliary functions. It collaborates with both divisions in the development and maintenance of university’s operating budget. These responsibilities include financial planning, forecasting, budget considerations and the management of budget reporting system as well as design and implementation of strong internal controls.

The department aims to provide high quality management information to support decision making and to provide efficient transaction services for our students, staff and external stakeholders as well as to establish a reporting and control framework to support all the university’s financial activities. It carries out risk assessments across key functions in operations, a process helps in identifying and analysing financial risks faced by the University. The expected outcome of the risk assessment is to correctly align internal resources to processes that pose the highest risk to the university in attaining its objectives and ultimately the strategic plan.

Janet Chumba CV