Mr Bernard Asugo


The office of the dean of students is here because of all the students.  All our students are special to us and so we give you personalized attention.  We are concerned about your academic life as well as your life outside class.  If you have issues affecting you in terms of health, accommodation, catering and general welfare that can interfere with your studies, we don’t hesitate to offer you a solution.  If you are getting weighed down with personal and emotional issues, we lend a listening ear and suggest a solution for you.

We at Rongo University want to make your stay at this University as peaceful and as comfortable as possible even as you pursue your studies towards success.

Office of the Dean of Students

The office of the Dean of students is primarily concerned with students’ welfare from the time they enter into the University to the time they graduate from University.  It also coordinates all activities that affect students’ welfare, guidance and counseling, career placement, games and sports. The office also liaises with other service departments that affect students’ welfare.  In addition it handles all matters related to Rongo University Students’ Organization (RUSO), warden ship, student conduct and discipline.  It also co-operates with the general public on matters affecting individuals or group of students and acts as the link between the university administration and students.

Guidance and Counseling Services

The aim of this service is to promote and facilitate each individual student’s personal, social, intellectual and psychological, career development and well being.  All students requiring  this service  are advised to visit the dean of students office.  All counseling discussions are treated as personal and confidential.  You will benefit a lot by visiting this discuss your personal concerns.

Students Organizations

The Office of the Dean of Students should process the registration of all the students’ organizations and societies within the university.  An elected Students Governing Council (SGC) organizes most of the students’ activities.  The Executive arm of Rongo University Students Organization (RUSO) organizes most of the students’ activities.  The organization draws up programmes for entertainment, cultural and social activities.  A variety of activities are provided to cater for diverse interests.  They range from academically oriented activities to non- academic activities, organized in form of clubs and societies.  Students are encouraged to enroll in such activities as they contribute to personal growth and development.  Students are advised to liaise with the student leaders and class representatives whenever they have problems or need any information.

Games and Sports

This is a service department catering for the needs of all students.  There are a variety of games offered. As you will most possibly notice, some of the facilities are not really up to the required standards but plans are underway to provide more elaborate facilities.  However students and staff are encouraged to participate because physical exercise has a significant educational and health values.

Physically Challenged Students

The programmes and services of Rongo University are open to all students irrespective of their physical status.  Some measures have been put in place to enable physically challenged students to fully develop their potential like any other student of the university.


The University has rules and regulations which must be read by all students to familiarize them- selves with.  The university college assumes that you will read the rules and any breach will be assumed to be intentional.  The known principle is that “ignorance is no defense”.  You are therefore informed that as a student, the university has a right to impose a fine, to discontinue your studies, or refuse to award you a degree, if you commit a serious offence.


If you have a complaint about any aspect of the University, you should always begin by trying to solve it at the local level by talking to the person/ people concerned.  Most problems should be solved this way.  In case you need to follow the matter further, you should organize to have a meeting or write to the head of department of the areas concerned.  If your problem is not solved after discussion with the Head of Department concerned, you should write formally to the chief Academic Officer.

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