Dr. OtaraName: Dr. Alfred Shem Otara
Position: HOD Management and Foundation
E-mail Address:fredcoco2003@yahoo.co.uk
Contacts: +254717413852


Holds a Doctorate in Organizational Development in School Administration from CEBU Doctors University, Master of Arts in  Education and a Bachelors in Applied Art


Previously worked as secondary school teacher and Principal, Adjunct Lecturer at Kenya Polytechnic, University of Eastern African Baraton, Lecturer at Arusha University, Senior lecturer and administrator at the University of Rwanda

-Did consultancy work on recruitment for the workforce Development Authority (WDA) Rwanda 2011

-Served in the national Fulbright selection committee for the Rwandan Junior Staff Development Enhancement programs at the embassy of the United States of America Kigali. 6thJune 2012

-Conducted a training on Curriculum, Material Design and Development to Lecturers of higher learning institutions in Rwanda 20 January to 22nd June 2012

-Appointed member of a Working committee on the review, Development and Consolidation of Academic related policies, Regulations and Procedures of Kigali Institute of Education 2012

-Member of a task force on the review, development and consolidation of Academic related policies, regulations and procedures KIE MARCH 2013

-Conducted a training on Curriculum, Material Design and Development to Lecturers of higher learning institutions in Institut Polytechnique De Byumba Rwanda march 2013

-Internal examiner for the Masters of Social Sciences in Gender and Development Theses

-Appointed as a member of a special task force for the development of the TTC national examination procedural manual march 2013in Rwanda

-Appointed member of a task force for the Development of The School of Inclusive Education in Rwanda29th August 2013

-Project director of the women leadership program; a global initiative funded by USAID and jointly implemented by UCLA and UR. June 2012-June 2015

-Coordinator of VVOB project on training of Head teachers in leadership under LOPE program 550 000UROs. 2014-2016

Research interest: Education administration and organizational development

Professional Affiliation

Member –Council for the development of social science research in Africa (CODESRIA)

Member: -OSSREA


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