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About The Department

Welcome to the Department of Information Science and Informatics.  The main aim of our department is to  provide a holistic teaching and learning  in the domains of Informatics, Information science and Health Systems and Records management in quest of churning out  professionals of international quality. We therefore welcome you, to explore our department for the aforementioned exciting academic  career programs that will sculpture you to be a fully-fledged Informaticist, information scientist and health informatics graduate.

Purpose to become an integral part of this highly competitive and futuristic disciplines by enrolling for one of our exciting degree programmes. Become an informaticist, information specialist, knowledge manager and  health Informaticist.

We have dedicated staff who are also very active researchers publishing widely in international and locally accredited peer reviewed journals hence keeping abreast with new developments in their respective  specialised fields of study.

Research areas

The department focal areas of research domains include but not limited to: Cyber security and digital forensics, IT Metric models, Knowledge management , healthcare management and technology adoption,  ontology  based data integration, data mining  and machine learning in healthcare and Informatics, health  polices and services and  bibliometrics

Notice Board

  • Special and suplementary exams timetable

Academic Programmes

Graduate Programmes:
1.Master of Science in Information Technology

2. Master of Science in Health Informatics

Undergraduate  Programmes:
1. Bachelor of Science in Information Science

2. Bachelor of Science in Informatics

3. Bachelor Science in Health Systems Management

4. Bachelor of Science in Health Records and Information Management

Diploma  Programmes:
1. Diploma in Library and Information Studies

2. Diploma in Information and Communication Technology

3. Diploma in Health Records and Technology (Regular and weekend options)

Certificate  Programmes:
1. Certificate in Library and Information Studies

2. Certificate in Health Records and Information Technology