Estates and central services department is responsible for land scaping, welding services, plumbing works, cleaning, carpentry works and electrical installations within the University. 


Core Functions

  • Supply and maintenance of water facilities within the university
  • Maintenance of sewerage works.
  • Maintenance of grounds and parks.
  • Beautification and landscaping works through planting ornamental trees and flowers.
  • Repairs and maintenance of buildings, roads, electrical works, plumbing works and minor construction works within the university.
  • Maintenance of plant and equipment.
  • Liasing with management for allocation of office space.
  • Labellling of assests e.g for furniture, machines and offices within the university.
  • Ensuring that cleaning services are done on offices, washrooms, pavements etc
  • Arranging of venues for university functions (including classrooms, meetings, celebrations and ceremonies).
  • Movement of university assets and storage in respective places when required.
  • Ensuring that the machine room operates effectively by serving other departments in printing and photocopying of documents.


Maintenance officers, Administrative assistant, Clerical officers, Artisans in carpentry, Masonry, Welding and Electrical installation, Grounds men and Cleaners.

Rongo University,
P.O. Box 103-40404, RONGO