Dr. Edward Anino

Dr. Edward Anino is a Senior Lecturer of Biochemistry in the Department of Biological Sciences at the School of Science, Technology and Engineering, Rongo University, Kenya.

Prof.. Joseph Nyamori

Prof. Joseph Nyamori Aguyoh is a Professor of Sustainable Horticulture and Biostatistics in the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at Rongo University, Kenya.

Prof. Z. Ngalo

Prof. Z. Ngalo is an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at the School of Science, Technology and Engineering and Ag Coordinator for the Town Campus in Rongo University.

Dr. Jane Kembo

Dr. Jane Kembo B. Ed. (Hons) UoN, M.Ed. (UoN) Language education and Curriculum Development, PhD in Linguistics. Dr Kembo teaches Language education to students of applied linguistics.

Dr. Carren Nyandimba

Dr. Carren Nyandiba is a Senior Lecturer of Kiswahili in the Department of Languages, Linguistics and Literature. She is a holder of MA Kiswahili from Egerton Universirty and a Doctor of Philosophy in Kiswahili from Moi University, Kenya.

Joel Nakitare

Joel Wekesa Nakitare is a Senior Librarian at Rongo University, Kenya. He holds a BSc. In Information sciences from Moi University and Master in Library and Information Sciences Kenyatta University.

Dr Charles Kesero

Charles kesero Tunai is a senior lecturer,literature.0721567257. ctunai@rongovarsity.ac.ke kestunai@yahoo.com PhD literary studies and creative writing univ of Hawaii 2004.25 yrs uni teaching.

Dr James Abila

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