BY Albert Ouma, communication student.

The Dean of Students’ Office at Rongo University organized a two-day mentorship program for all students. The event was conducted by the Head of Career Development, Placement, and Alumni Services in collaboration with other leaders from the Guidance and Counselling office.

The following guests spoke at the event:;

  • Jonah G. Akoko (Director of Youth Affairs Migori county)
  • Sister Sharon from India
  • Professor Benn Thomas (Europe based Brand Strategist)

On the first day, Mr. Jonah G. Akoko spoke about youth empowerment and job realities.

He reiterated that, due to the increased number of graduates in the country, there is a need to equip students with strategies that will allow them to easily find jobs immediately after graduating.

Students were encouraged to pursue self-employment rather than rely on white-collar jobs, and they were also provided with better fields in which to engage in order to remain relevant in the job market.

Because technology is so important in our daily lives, students were encouraged to embrace technological changes and be prepared to adjust to them because they are now required in the job market.

On the second day of the mentorship program, Professor Benn Thomas, an expert in various fields, particularly education, shared his experience and challenges in his learning process, giving students hope to continue working hard for better results.

On another topic, Sister Sharon addressed two major issues: family life and life skills for youths.