Rongo University International Multidisciplinary Research Conference

Message from the Chairman 2019, Organizing Committee

Rongo University held its debut International Multidisciplinary Conference between 6th and 9th March 2018 under the chairmanship of Prof. Ernest Sangai Mohochi. This came as a result of consultations with various stakeholders in the academia, industries and research-oriented organisations, which felt there was a gap in research communication and technology transfer that needed to be filled urgently. It will be remembered, for example, that in the recent past in eastern Africa, it was not mandatory for graduate students to publish and/or present their works in research conferences before they graduated. During the same periods in time, academia in the developed world had already seen these needs and had them in their academic policies. We now all agree that it adds value not only for graduate students, but also for academic and research staff who need to network and grow professionally. The first conference, whose theme was “National Visions and Development Goals as Catalysts for Sustainable Development in Africa in the 21st Century”, attracted participants from diverse disciplines across eastern Africa. It provided an opportunity for scholars to exchange information with their peers and to build networks for possible future collaboration in Research and Development. Rongo University is strategically located to attract intellectual synergies across the eastern African countries and beyond, that will end up solving myriads of the emerging African problems.
In the current conference whose theme is “Emerging Trends in Research and Development for Sustainable National Growth”, we are looking at trends in sustainable national development and believe that the synergies identified will boomerang back as impacts that will drive national growth in various parts of Africa. This year we have participants from various institutions in Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Republic of South Africa, the Sudan and the United States of America. Their participation should open avenues for collaboration in R&D and for graduate students’ exchange among universities.
It has been said that “All study and no play makes Musara a dull boy” . We have organized a small tour of the Gold panning areas of Migori county and the historical “Thim Lich Ohinga” for interested participants on the final day. “Thim Lich Ohinga” showcases a masterpiece of ancient security and cultural architectural designs that span hundreds of years. Other than the pyramids in Egypt, the importance of this ancient fort can only be likened to that of Fort Jesus in coastal Kenya and the Great Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe and the Great Wall of China.
We wish all participants to Rongo University Interdisciplinary Research Conference 2019 edition a wonderful experience. I believe by the end of the conference we will have proposed research working groups and consortia.