Rongo University was privileged to have hosted a National Early Infant Diagnosis and Viral Load (EID VL) Hackathon from 28th Feb to 6th March 2022.

The objectives of the one-week engagement were:

  • To resolve issues raised by the National AIDS and STD Control Program (NASCOP) and Lab team regarding the use of the system, and
  • To setup critical alerts and notifications.
  • System integration with other critical health systems.
  • System enhancements in response to user requests.


Students and staff who are top-notch computer programmers from the following institutions participated in meeting the above objectives.

  1. Chuka University,
  2. University of Kabianga,
  3. Kabarak University ,
  4. Technical University of Mombasa,
  5. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology,
  6. NASCOP-Labs,
  7. USAID –  HealthIT/University of Nairobi,
  8. External software developers and
  9. Rongo University.

Rongo University HealthIT/staff team led by Dr. Amuomo N, Dr. Adoyo M, Ben Calvins and Paul Wesonga , received the visitors and ensured a good working environment was availed.