The Kenya University Performing Arts and Film festival- Music and Drama Rongo University choir and drama teams are preparing to participate in the upcoming intervarsity KUPAA festival that will take place at Meru University of science and technology on 14th -23rd October 2021.

The regional festival will be at Rongo University on 25th – 26th September 2021

For the first time KUPAA is staging Music festival.

The university teams are preparing in the following areas both in music and Drama:

Drama: Plays, shadow theater, both modern and traditional dances, narrative
Music festival: Live accompanied music, zilizopendwa, anthems of Kenya and East Africa, rap, deejaying, Karoeke, informercial, bands, solos and choirs.. of great interest in this festival, Most composition classes are about each university of origin. The team is preparing to catch the audience virtually with their own original composition “tunayenda Rongo”