School of Education

Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Education Arts /Early Childhood and Primary Education

Diploma in Education Science /Special Needs Education

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Education Science

Bachelor of Education Arts/ Early Childhood and Primary Education

Bachelor in Special Needs Education

Masters Programme

Masters of Education in Curriculum Development / Educational Psychology / Special Needs Education / Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

 Doctoral Programmes

 Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Communication  and Technology / Educational Psychology / Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


School of Information, Communication and Media Studies

Certificate Programmes

Certificate in Library and Information Science

Certificate in Health Records and Information Technology

Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Health Records and Information Technology

Diploma in Information, Communication and Technology/ Information, Communication and Media Studies/ Media and Journalism / Public Relations / Library and Information Science

Degree Programmes

Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Studies / BSc. Information Science 

Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management / Health Records / Information Management

Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics

Masters Programmes

Masters of Science in Health Informatics / Information Technology / Communication Studies

Doctoral Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Studies


School of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Studies

Certificate Programmes

Certificate Courses

Diploma Programmes

Diploma Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension and Education 

Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness/Agricultural Economics/Agriculture/Environmental Science/Horticulture 

Masters Programmes

Masters of Science in Plant Breeding / Horticulture / Environmental Biology /Environmental Planning and Management

Doctoral Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Breeding / Environmental Biology / Environmental Planning and Management\


School of Arts and Social Sciences

Certificates Programmes

Certificate in devolved systems

Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Social Work / Criminology / Economics / County Governance

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Arts in Geography

Bachelor of Arts in Econmics / International Relations / Kiswahili / Linguistics / Political Science/ Public Administration / Sociology / Criminology

Masters Programme

Masters of arts in Kiswahili/Linguistics / Literature / Economics / Sociology / History /Religion / Political Science and Public Relations

Doctoral Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy in Kiswahili / Linguistics / Literature / Sociology


School of Science, Technology and Engineering

Certificate Programmes

Certificate in Fashion Design and Garment Making Technology / Electrical and Electronic Technology Power Option / Science Laboratory Technology

Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Public Health

Diploma in Civil Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering Power Option / Building Technology / Automotive Engineering

Diploma in Community Health

Diploma in Applied Biology

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Science in Physics 

 Bachelor of Science  in Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science/Applied Statistics with Computing 

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry / Microbiology

Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design and Textile Technology

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 

Bachelor of Science in Botany /Zoology 


School of Business and Human Resource Development

Certificate Programmes

Certificate in Tourism Management/ Human Resource Management / Business Management / Project Planning and Management

Certificate in Hotel and Hospitality

Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management

Diploma in Tourism Management/Human Resource Management/Business Management/Project Planning and Management

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Commerce/Business Management/Entrepreneurship/Human Resource Management/Project Planning and Management

Bachelor of Tourism Management

Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management

Post graduate Diploma in Strategic Human Resource Management

Masters Programmes

Masters in Business Management

Doctoral Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy  in Business Management