Rongo University Hosts Successful Research Proposal Writing and Commercialization Workshop

Rongo University recently hosted a highly impactful two-day workshop focused on research proposal writing and commercialization of research innovations. Held on 14th and 15th November 2023 at the university’s multi-purpose hall, this event marked a significant step in enhancing the research capabilities of the university’s staff and researchers.

Workshop Highlights:

The workshop featured presentations from distinguished experts in research and innovation. Key sessions included:

“Writing Fundable and Winning Research Proposals” by Prof. Samuel Gudu.

“Exploring the Funding Landscape in Research” focusing on diverse funding sources, led by Dr. James Waithaka from Research Beeline LTD.

“Leveraging Open Researcher and Contributor IDentifier (ORCID)” by Mr. Joel Nakitari, the school librarian, discussing its importance and optimization strategies.



Day Two Insights:

The second day was graced by facilitators from Victoria Ventures, including Maureen Ochako, Steva Nyawade, and Sonia Rasugu, who delved into:

  1. “Mindset Shift: From Research to Commercialization.”
  2. “Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning for Research Projects.”
  3. “Integrating Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) in Research and Commercialization.”
  4. Importance of Research Support:

The facilitators emphasized the necessity for Rongo University to support research initiatives, highlighting their role in:

  1. Informing decision-making processes.
  2. Advancing technology and innovation.
  3. Addressing contemporary challenges.
  4. Enhancing educational outcomes.
  5. Conclusion:

The workshop was a resounding success, drawing a diverse group of participants from the university, including administration and faculty members. It stands as a testament to Rongo University’s commitment to fostering research excellence and innovation.

Article done by Wafula Meshack and Daisy Moraa