Students' Association (RUSA)- 2019-2020

RUSA members undergoing an induction session in Mombasa

Rongo University Students’ Association is made up of Executive and Congress. Excecutive is made up of seven members(Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary General, Treasurer, Secretary-Ladies Affairs, Secretary-Sports and Entertainment and Secretary-Special Needs. 

Congress is made up of persons elected to represent electoral areas, Off Campus electoral college, RUSA Vice Chair as an ex-official member and The Dean of Students or his appointed representativ also as an ex-official member.

The Executive


Mr. Adundo Felix


Ms. Letepetaa Ntipanoi

Vice President

Mr. Ngaira Collins

Secretary General

MS. Oindi Daisy


MS. LOINA Patrick

Ladies Affairs Secretary

Mr. Mutiso Martin

Sports & Entertainment Secretary

Mr. Achola Phelix

Special Needs Secretary

The Congress

Mr. Cerulo MauriceSpeaker
Mr. Makomere TitusSANRES Academic Representative
Mr. Isaac OmbokaSchool of Arts & Social Sciences Academic Representative
Mr. Mamba JeremiahSchool of Business & Human Resource Development Academic Representative
Mr. Owino BobSchool of Education Academic Representative
Mr. Musyoka MeschackINFOCOMS Academic Representative
Mr. Jabunge StephenSchool of Science Academic Representative
Ms. Mueni AliceSANRES Ladies Representative
Ms. Murugi FredahSchool of Arts & Social Sciences Ladies Representative
Ms. Otieno LilianSchool of Business & Human Resourse Development Ladies Representative
Ms. Akinyi CarrenSchool of Education Ladies Representative
Ms. Jeruto FaithINFOCOMS Ladies Representative
Ms. Ondiek LindaSchool of Science Ladies Representative
Mr. Onyango FredrickSANRES Representative
Mr. Otieno BrianSchool of Arts & Social Sciences Representative
Mr. Odhiambo PeterSchool of Business & Human Resource Developement Representative
Mr. Oluoch FelixSchool of Education Representative
Ms. Meali HafsaINFOCOMS Representative
Mr. Oluoch NickSchool of Science Representative
Mr. Nyandoro HesbonReligious Representative
Mr. Abdulla MohamedReligious Representative
Ms. Edukata MildredReligious Representative
Mr. Nyagah JohnMain Campus Representative
Mr. Wesonga LimalaOff Campus Representative
Mr. Wesonga AugustineGraduate Studies Representative