By.Joyce Kemunto and Godwin Kibet

On 10th February 2022, the Security Department held a training for staffs on disaster preparedness and response to threats. The session was conducted by:

  1. Tom Omwony – Chief Security Officer.

2. Lormotum Ernest – Security Officer.

  1. William Kiruo – Security Officer.

The training was attended by staff from various departments across the university.

The chief security officer, Mr. Tom Omwony highlighted on all the possible disasters that could be encountered across the university. The disasters included fire, earthquakes, severe weather conditions, thunderstorms, floods, bomb threats, riots, suspicious packages and suspicious activities. The main focus being fire and terrorism since they are very prone to happen.

He emphasized on the measures to take before, during and after the occurrence of an emergency. He stated on how one can respond to a disaster and prevent more damage to the properties and loss of life.

The university has taken part in making the environment safer for the students by installing fire alarms in the new building, main gate, hostels and a security command center in case of a fire emergency. Surveillance cameras are also located at different points within the institution.

This session proved to be very essential since it not only sensitize the mental readiness to respond to emergency but also to assist the security staff in the event of an occurrence. The departmental representatives were urged to embark on training their fellow colleagues to effect the agenda of the day.