Rongo University signs MoU with African Health Solutions Journalism Initiative (AHSJI).

By Marren Akong’o & Antony Achayo, Communication student

In yet another collaboration with the industry, Rongo University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with African Health Solutions Journalism Initiative (AHSJI) on training of students of Journalism. The Vice chancellor, Prof Gudu who was delighted at the collaboration while signing the MoU articulated that in matters health everybody has a role to play and Rongo University has a vital role especially in improving the communities within its environs. Signing of the MoU follows a workshop on Solutions Journalism (SOJO) conducted for the department of Communication Journalism and Media Studies, Rongo University in 2021.

Mr. Otula, the chairperson AHSJI, was delighted with the headway made between the two institutions so far. He underscored that communication plays a pivotal role in community advancement and that there are more responsibilities to communication objectives and more important issues to focus on. “However in Africa, science especially health, is the missing link. The final end is to have Science Journalism entrenched in institutions of higher learning”. With proper training, universities can then graduate students with skills of reporting and on matters that affect basic life like health and agriculture.  Mr. Leo mentioned that AHSJI is the first institution in Africa to get involved in SOJO. It has worked closely with the University of Nigeria, Makerere, and Kibabii Universities and now welcomes Rongo University. He emphasized that due to the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge, Information Science and Health Journalism can move matters of health very fast.

The RU-AHSJI workshop in 2021 resulted to selection of two writers from Rongo University- Mr. Kioko Nyamsyo and Ms. Lydia Opee as interns with SOJO. Mr. Kioko was also one of the three Kenyans selected for the African training in SOJO conducted in January 2022. Mr. Leo said that implementation of SOJO training in Rongo University takes effect immediately.