The Human Resource and Finance Committee Terms of Reference

  1. To consider qualified candidates for filling vacant positions in the University in accordance with the job descriptions for the various positions.
  2. To examine and make recommendations to Council on salaries, terms and conditions of service, job grading and classification for all unionisable University employees as and when necessary or when directed to do so by Council from time to time.
  3. To consider and advise Council on actions to be taken in regard to disciplinary matters for staff.
  4. To consider and make recommendations to Council on Budgeting including Annual Budgets as well as Supplementary Budgets.
  5. To consider and make recommendations to Council on planning and erection of new buildings and effect any appropriate modification in physical facilities as may be necessary from time to time.
  6. To recommend to Council on acquisition of new fixed assets including land and advise Council on utilization of such assets and land.