Rongo University is one of the progressive institutions of higher learning located in the south western region of Kenya. Since its inception, the University embarked on a journey towards self discovery, brand identity and market positioning. We have endevoured to provide a conducive learning environment that promotes open interaction among students and staff. The University target is to become a centre of excellence in teaching, learning and community service. Accordingly, we have been reviewing our curricular, and also developed new ones to accordance with  the relevant demands in the job market, ever-changing professional requirements, as well as the various regulatory bodies’ needs and specifications. We have maintained fidelity to this cause because we are fully aware that now, more  than ever before, universities must train and produce graduates who are capable of functioning effectively, thinking critically and performing competently in the current highly complex, global and competitive job market. We are offering holistic quality education that produces highly qualified human capital who have necessary skills to develop practical solutions to challenges experienced by the society.