World Environment Day Celebration It is a global platform for public outreach, with participation from over 143 countries annually. The history of the World Environment Day goes back to 1972, when it was established by the UN General Assembly at the time of Stockholm Conference and the day was first celebrated in the year 1974.  Since 1973, the day has been used to raise awareness and generate political momentum around growing environmental concerns, such as toxic chemical pollution, desertification and global warming.

Each year, a specific theme is decided to mark this day to amplify the important message behind it. This year’s theme is ‘Only One Earth’, which draws our attention towards playing our role effectively while living in perfect harmony with nature – without proving a burden on it.

“The 2022 World Environment Day campaign was hosted by Rongo University on behalf of all Migori County Stakeholders. It was attended by several organizations under the coordination of NEMA. To mention but a few, the following stakeholders participated: Rongo University, NEMA, National Government Represented by County Commissioner, Rongo Municipality, Sony Sugar, Equity Bank, Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), Kenya Forest Service (KFS), World Vision, BAT, Hand-in-Hand, Send a Cow, Department of Environment, Migori County Government, Nyatike Conservation Group, One Vision, Super Loaf Bakery, Treat House Resort, Rongo Dairy, Dacca, Red Cross. Also, the following schools in Rongo Municipality took part: NYARACH MIXED: Teachers- 2, Students- 20, RONGO SECONDARY:  Teachers- 4, Students- 20. KITERE PRIMARY: Teachers- 3, Students- 73
KANGA HIGH SCHOOL: teachers- 3, Students- 28 RONGO UNIVERSITY: Students- 12 OYUGI OGANGO GIRLS: Students- 31,Teachers- 2 KANGA PRIMARY: Students- 82, Teachers- 4 ARUNDO PRIMARY:
students- 27, Teachers- 2. KODERO BARA Students- 24, Teachers- 1 ARUNDO SECONDARY:
Students- 27, Teachers-2.

We took this opportunity to spread awareness about perils of pollution, climate change, global warming and environmental conservation as well as highlighting value of nature in our lives. To mitigate the above challenges, the stakeholders undertook the following activities among others: i). tree planting and re-greening degraded sites in Kitere, Rongo Day Sec. school and Kuja school for the Deaf; ii) Rongo town cleaning iii) exhibitions focusing pertinent issues regarding environmental conservation.