Graduate Studies

History and Mandate

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) was established in the year 2015 to respond to the surging need for graduate education among neighboring communities who had hitherto grappled with the challenges of access to that crucial level of our Kenyan higher education system. Since then, the School has been on a steady growth path and has proved very helpful to not only the surrounding student community, but also the national student population. Through working with the six teaching schools in the University, the School of Graduate Studies has been greatly relied upon to provide scholarly leadership in the University.

The School is responsible for the administration of graduate studies in the University through fulfilment of six major mandates namely:

  • Admission of graduate students
  • Co-ordination and regulation of graduate syllabi
  • Administration of graduate scholarships and research grants
  • Ensuring effective supervision of graduate students
  • Administration and processing of graduate research theses.
  • Verifying the final list of graduate degree awards.

In the performance of her mandates, the School is guided by the Rongo University Rules and Regulations Governing Graduate Studies. The School has managed to develop rules and regulations that provides a very comprehensive and vibrant systematic approach to the management and administration of graduate studies in the University.

A spacious room has also been exclusively set aside by the University for graduate students who may wish to read and conduct research while at the University. The aim is to provide conducive environment for learning to our graduate students without having to crave for reading rooms with the large number of undergraduate students learning in the University.


The School is guided by an aspiration of being; A World-Class Graduate Centre for the Advancement of Graduate Studies, Research, Innovation and Community Outreach.


The mission of the School is; To Provide a Vibrant Academic Environment that Nurtures Innovative Graduate Scholarship through Efficient Student Admissions, Supervision and Publication of Research Output.

Our pledge is to effectively deliver on the mandates of the school and remain continually committed to delivering to our clients what we promise to deliver.

Management and Structure

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) is headed by the Dean who doubles up as the Chairperson of the Board of Graduate Studies (BGS). The Dean is responsible for the day to day running of the School. He facilitates the implementation of the decisions and or resolutions of the Board of Graduate Studies.

The Board of Graduate Studies is the body through which the School performs her mandated functions and is composed of the Dean, School of Graduate Studies, two Senate representatives, one representative from every teaching school and the University Librarian.

The current members of the Board are as follows:

  1. Prof. Joseph Aguyoh                                –     School of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environmental Studies
  2. Prof. J. B. Owuor                                      –      Senate Representative
  3. Prof. Z. Ngalo Otieno                               –      School of Science, Technology & Engineering
  4. Dr. Jonathan Mulwa                                –      Representative School of Business & Human Resource Development
  5. Mr. Joel Nakitare                                      –      University Librarian
  6. Dr. Jane Kembo                                        –       School of Education
  7. Dr. James Abila                                         –       Representative School of Information Communication & Media Studies
  8. Dr. Carren Nyandiba                                –     Senate Representative
  9. Dr. Kesero Tunai                                       –      School of Arts and Social Sciences