Director, quality assurance


The Directorate of Quality Assurance is one of the directorates in Rongo University. It was established in 2014/2015 academic year. The aim of the Directorate of Quality Assurance is to enhance the effectiveness of the University’s core activities. The Directorate safeguards and helps improve the teaching and research standards and quality of services at Rongo University.

The Directorate is currently under the ample leadership of Prof. Joseph Aguyoh and a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff. The team comprises of Administrative Assistant, secretary and Office Assistant. They are engaged in day-to-day operations of the directorate. A high level of team building and unity of purpose exists among both the staffs and staffs from other departments.

The Directorate

Its basic role is to monitor teaching and learning, as a result it coordinates and supervises all activities related to the quality of teaching and learning in the University; responsible for implementing the University Quality Assurance policy related to academics and supervision; and Support Services, which coordinates all activities related to staff, student and infrastructure support services.

Welcome to Directorate of Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Directorate at Rongo University is committed to continuous improvement. It focuses on developing a quality culture to the institution. It aims at regularly assessing and reviewing the Performance of academic programs in the university based on the national and international parameters of quality and excellence in teaching and research. The quality Assurance Directorate helps the academic Departments in preparing self Assessment Reports on teaching effectiveness.

Our Vision

To contribute to the development of the society and the country through promotion of quality Higher Education in line with the vision 2030.

Our Mission

To remain committed to the attainment of higher standards in teaching, learning and research, at par with in regard to international standards.

Objectives of the Directorate of Quality Assurance

Coordinating all University activities which include:

  1. Coordinating Assessment of quality in academic Programmes of the University.
  2. Assessing Quality of teaching facilities in the University College.
  3. Liaising with regulatory bodies on quality matters e.g. Commission for University Education.
  4. Development of Quality Management System (QMS)
  5. Reporting on Quality matters to various committees in the University.
  6. Perform audits of initial set-up to assess compliance with University procedures and contract language.
  7. Review existing processes to identify inefficiencies and potential weaknesses that may cause inaccurate service delivery.
  8. Remain current on Curricular and technological process trends in the University.
  9. Working with Management to establish procedures, standards, system and procedures.
  10. Liaise with Human Resource Department in determining training needs
  11. Acting as a catalyst for change and improvement in performance/quality.
  12. Other duties that may be assigned by the Management from time to time

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