The hostels and catering section’s objective is to provide quality and comprehensive accommodation and catering services so as to enable students pursue their academic goals in a conducive and enabling environment.

Terms & Conditions of Occupacy

1. Bed space allocation will depend on availability of accommodation.
2. The university reserves the right of allocation.
3. This application requests is not a guarantee for space applied for.
4. The allocation of bed space will be based on First Come First served basis.
5. There is no guarantee of applicant getting their first choice of accommodation.
6. The allocation of bed space is provisional and only confirmed on full payments of required rent for the full duration of the semester. Only then will the University assign keys and other items to the allotee.
7. Once allocated a room, the allottee will be in writing and approved by the Housekeeper, the Administrative Assistant and the Administrative Officer.
8. The occupant will be held responsible for any loss of property or damage to the facility including fittings in the room.
9. Cooking and Hawking/illegal trade are prohibited in the rooms and hostels premises. Disciplinary action will be taken on those residents found in violation of this condition.
Any student found subletting the allocated room or hosting any other students or members of public will loose residency status.
10. Residents are warned not to create noise or disturb other students by playing loud music or engage in any unbecoming activities that will be detrimental to other users on the hostels.
11. At the end of each semester, the residents must clear and hand over the university property at their disposal to the respective housekeepers. Failure to hand over will result to penalty which will be decided from time to time.
12. The bed space rates are subject to change from time to time.
13. The students are expected to adhere to the University Rules and Regulations as contained in the Students Handbook.
14. Room transfers must be approved by the Administrative Officer.
15. A refundable room deposit of Kshs. 1,000 is paid by every student who acquires accommodation at the University College


Hostel Units

Rongo Town Unit

This comprises of Shule-view, Woodlands, Valley-road, High-rise, Lower Highway, Upper Highway, and Jennipher hostels.

Lower Main Campus Unit

The unit comprises of Pioneer phase I-VI, and Nyamarambe phases I-VII

Upper Main Campus Unit

The unit Comprises of Upper Nyayo, Lower Nyayo, Greenhouse, Sugar-view and White house.


The University operates the following cafeterias:-

Main Campus Cafeteria serving students at Main Campus.
Rongo Town Cafeteria serves students residing in Rongo town Unit.
The Guest House- serves staff at Main Campus.


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