The Department plays a central role of providing clear guidance in the integration of technology in teaching, learning, research and overall administration of the university. The department ensures that IT infrastructure, service delivery norms and new applications deployments are in line with current industry trends and that the systems put in place add true value to the university.

Departmental Objectives

1. To develop ICT policies, procedures and guidelines for the University.
2. To provide technical support, development and management of ICT infrastructure in terms of hardware and software, servers and data storage.
3. To maintain smooth running of the University network and related systems.
4. To support the automation of key University services for enhanced efficiency.
5. To develop ICT plan for the University
6. To ensure ICT system security
7. To design, develop, maintain and update the University website and multimedia platforms

Our Vision

To be a driving force behind Rongo University’s achieving its vision of being a world class technology driven University in learning and practice”

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent ICT services to support teaching, Learning, research and management in the university. Our Department’s core values are integrity, freedom to succeed and transparency.

ICT Sections

Automation System’s Support and Maintenance

  1. Reviewing the success of the systems towards RU’s main objective
  2. Ensure that the automation systems operate at optimal levels
  3. Ensure online access to updated fee statements and provisional transcripts
  4. Implement real-time banking by students
  5. Ensure all offices and users have timely access to all the automation systems
  6. Provide technical support to users
  7. Analyze users ‘requirements for the purposes of training
  8. Ensure regular and timely update of the systems’ databases
  9. Implement basic systems security

Network Resource Maintenance

  1. Create user management platform for both cabled and wireless networks
  2. Ensure connectivity of all the VPN connections to campuses
  3. Re-direct wi-fi to appropriate areas within RU
  4. Reduce network congestion and enhance uptime for both LAN and Internet
  5. Connect all offices and work towards LAN design, and expansion
  6. Ensure LAN and WAN bandwidth allocation, availability and management in all offices
  7. Ensure physical safety of all the network equipment’s an, cables
  8. Implement basic LAN security
  9. Integrate office telephony on LAN and VPNs
  10. Ensure telephone handsets (desktop / soft phones) are installed in relevant offices
  11. Implement LAN monitoring tool

Help Desk/ Performance Contract/Training

  1. Liaise with university performance contracting and QA units on ICT matters
  2. Scheduling departments work as per the RU’s PC
  3. Tracking progress and generating evidences on monthly basis
  4. Carry out user needs assessment and suggest relevant training
  5. Organizing Training for ICT staff
  6. Develop an incubation center for ICT staff and students
  7. Document management, refreshment and clean work environment
  8. Scheduling departments work as per the RU’s PC

Hardware and Software

  1. Ensure non-serviceable hardware are forwarded to procurement office for disposal
  2. Send bulk sms and maintain accounts
  3. Develop record for all the ICT hardware and software indicating status
  4. Urgently prepare and present hardware and software maintenance schedule
  5. Implement the schedule
  6. Identify hardware / software needs in the university
  7. Develop clear specification for hardware /software purchase
  8. ICT security

The Department plays a central role of providing clear guidance in the integration of technology in teaching, learning, research and overall administration of the university.