department of music, drama, games and sports


Rongo University is not only a goldmine of knowledge but also a hotbed of talent and skills.

Apart from Academics, we focus on talent development to ensure that every student that joins

Rongo University leaves with “extra” on top of the academic qualifications. This is meant

to mould all round citizens who can face the job market with a lot to offer to the community.

Rongo University participates in several co – curricular activities as indicated below;


games and sports

The university has invested a lot in games and sports activities giving students equal Opportunities to participate in all the games offered. Our students participate in the Kenya Universities Sports Association (KUSA) games that involves both men and women Championships. Our students have performed well in the past with our Soccer, karate and Hockey teams doing well in the National Championships. Nationally, karate team is ranked second. In Athletics a student Daniel Munguti has featured in 800 m and 5000m Men both locally and internationally.

Music and Drama


Music team is the largest in the university producing a choir that entertains the university and the Nation. Regularly during different occasions. The choir equally participates in the Kenya Music Festivals held annually. Rongo University choir has recorded good performances at the festivals since 2013, winning class 671 and 685 five times in a row among other awards.


music Events

The university choir has produced several artists who are recording their music and performing all over the country with their music posted on YouTube and itunes.

We have AFROCENTRIC, K Tat, Tarumbeta Goldies, Vicky B Matata (mtoto wa mama ) Suzzy and many others who are already in the music industry


Preparations for music festivals on top gear


Drama group is a vibrant group in the university with the members Participating in the grand Annual Kenya National Drama Festivals led by Students like Davis Amara and Modecai  Masinde who have shown great talent in scripting and directing  plays that compete favorably at National level.


The University has won awards in different categories including;

  • Modern Dance
  • Stage play
  • Narrative
  • Solo Verse and,
  • Choral Verse

Cultural Activities Collection

The university annually celebrates a cultural event where students appreciate their cultural Diversity by showcasing traditional foods, sculpture, dress, dances and folk  music from their different cultures. The event is always climaxed by a beauty Pageant show where MR & MISS RONGO UNIVERSITY are crowned.