Strategy Committee (SC)

Committee Members:

  • Kenneth K. Kiprono – Chair
  • William B. Omoding
  • Shem Nyakutu
  • Samuel Gudu—Secretary/Vice Chancellor

Role of Strategy Committee

  1. To handle urgent business on behalf of Council on matters strategy.
  2. To develop and review the University Strategic Plan.
  3. To pay due regard to necessity to refer matters of major importance to the Council for final approval.

Human Resource, Finance & Resource Mobilization Committee (HFRC)

Committee Members:

  • George O. Ochiri – Chair
  • Ezra Magati
  • Catherine M. Nkirote
  • Kenneth K. Kiprono
  • Samuel Gudu—Secretary/Vice Chancellor

Roles of Human Resource, Finance & Resource Mobilization Committee

  1. To consider qualified candidates for filling vacant positions in the University in accordance with the job descriptions for the various positions.
  2. To examine and make recommendations to Council on salaries, Terms and Conditions of Service, job grading and classification for all unionisable University Employees as and when necessary or when directed to do so by Council from time to time.
  3. To consider and advise Council on actions to be taken in regard to disciplinary matters for academic and non-academic staff
  4. To explore ways of raising funds for the University, both internally and externally, including all issues and policies concerning resource mobilization and income generating activities.
  5. To consider and make recommendations to Council on Budgeting and Planning issues, including University Master Plan, Strategic Plan, Annual Budgets as well as Supplementary Budgets.
  6. To consider and make recommendations to Council on planning and erection of new buildings, and effect any appropriate modification in physical facilities as may be necessary from time to time.
  7. To recommend to Council on acquisition of new fixed assets including land and to advise Council on utilization of such assets and land.

Academic Affairs & Appeals Committee (AAAC)

Members of the Committee:

  • David L. Mshila – Chair
  • Catherine M. Nkirote
  • George O. Ochiri
  • Ezra Magati
  • Samuel Gudu—Secretary// Vice Chancellor

Roles of Academic Affairs & Appeals Committee

  1. To advise the University on Academic, Research and Training Policies
  2. To develop and review statutes for the University
  3. To approve requests for use of the University Seal
  4. To approve recommendations for the award of Honorary Degrees of the University
  5. To receive and consider any appeals of staff who decide to appeal disciplinary decisions made by the HFRC against them
  6. To receive and consider appeals from students who decide to appeal decisions made by Senate; except decisions concerning examination matters
  7. To make recommendations to Council on the Appeal cases

Risk and Audit Committee (RAC)

Members of the Committee:

  • William B. Omoding Chair
  • David L. Mshila
  • Shem Nyakutu

Roles of Risk and Audit Committee

  1. Assisting the Accounting Officer/Chief Executive Officer in enhancing internal controls in order to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability
  2. Reviewing audit issues raised by both internal and external auditors
  3. Resolving unsettled and unimplemented Public Accounts and Public Investment Committees (PAC/PIC) recommendations
  4. Enhancing communication between management, internal and external audit and fostering an effective internal audit function.
  5. Establishing a risk management function and enhancing the implementation of a risk management plan in the University.