The department of Languages, Linguistics and Literature commonly known as LLL is one of the departments in the school of Arts and Social sciences. The department offers programs in Kiswahili, Linguistics, Literature, and French and soon it will introduce German programs. The department also teaches all Languages and Literature courses to the following schools: Education, Business and Infocom. The programs offered range from diploma to PhD level.

The department is served by vibrant fulltime lecturers, currently the following are the members who are fulltime lecturers in the Department.

  1. Prof S. Mohochi (on Leave of absence) Teaches Kiswahili
  2. Dr Carrren Nyandiba Teaches Kiswahili
  3. Dr. Tunai Kesero Teaches Literature
  4. Dr. Damaris Nyakoe Teaches Linguistics
  5. Dr. Eric Odero Teaches Linguistics

In addition there is a pool of part time lecturers who range from professors to tutorial fellows. All programs in the department are offered on a full time regular mode of study. Post graduate programs are offered under full time weekend mode of study.

The department takes pride in delivery of quality teaching, research and offering mentorship to young upcoming scholars. For anyone interested in pursuing languages, linguistics and literature courses you are welcome to LLL.

NyandibaDr. Carren Nyandiba

Head of Department

Dr. Carren Nyandiba profile

Currently, the following programs are offered:

  1. Bachelor of Arts (with Specialization in Kiswahili, Linguistics, Literature and French)
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics
  4. MA Kiswahili
  5. MA Linguistics
  6. MA Literature
  7. PhD Kiswahili
  8. PhD Linguistics