Migori County Health department led by Hon. Dr. Iscah Oluoch identified Rongo University Textile Production Unit (TEPU) to produce PPEs. Several discussions on the issue specifically on the production of facemasks for health workers of Migori County and for the general public have been held. Accordingly, Rongo University has taken the following steps:

1. In contact with KEBS for standardization for PPEs.

2. Sourced the required fabrics

3. Embarked on production of re-usable cloth and disposable facemasks

4. Samples have been taken to KEBS for certification. The University acknowledges the support we have received from Dr. George Marwa, County Health Standard and Regulations/Health Financing, Dr. Samuel Kola, County Pharmacist/Logistician, Dr. Edward Okemwa, Deputy Pharmacist/Logistician and Mr. Ken Mogaka, County Health Administrator.