Launch of the Writer's Club at Rongo University: A New Dawn for Literary Excellence

On September 15, 2023, Rongo University witnessed a significant milestone with the official launch of the Writer’s Club. This event not only showcased the literary prowess of the university’s students but also emphasized the institution’s commitment to fostering creativity and journalistic excellence.

The event commenced with a symbol of growth and sustainability – a tree planting session. This gesture not only reflected the club’s commitment to environmental conservation but also metaphorically represented the planting of seeds for budding writers.

At the forefront of the event was the club’s patron, Dr. Marren Akong’o. She gracefully introduced the esteemed members of the Writers’ Club, along with an impressive lineup of invited guests. Among them was the Chief Guest, Professor Aguyoh Joseph, representing the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Rongo University, Prof. Michael Ntabo. Also in attendance were the Dean of the School of Information, Communication, and Media Studies, Dr. Lameck Rono, Dr. Millicent Otieno, Head of Communications, Media & Journalism department and other distinguished members of the academic and administrative fraternity.

Dr. Marren Atieno Akong'o
Ms Ruth Mbula Kilonzo

Dr. Marren’s presentation illuminated the rich history of the club. She underscored the significance of student publications in mainstream media, shedding light on how these contributions have augmented Rongo University’s visibility on a grand scale.

One of the event’s highlights was the insightful presentation by Ms. Ruth Mbula Kilonzo of Nation Media Group. With vast experience spanning several national publications and a myriad of radio stations, Ms. Kilonzo delved into the evolution of media writing in the 21st century. She emphasized the ascendancy of digital media over print and underscored the essentials of journalistic excellence, including impeccable grammar, compelling intros, and a unique style.

The plenary sessions, steered by Mr. Nicholas Anyuor and Mr. James Mwita, were a testament to the intellectual prowess of Rongo University’s students. The engaging discussions, characterized by astute questions, were a testament to the institution’s dedication to cultivating critical thinking.

Mr. Barack Wandera, representing the Creative Writers Association of Kenya, shed light on contemporary writing dynamics. He explored the opportunities that beckon in today’s digital age while also touching upon the challenges modern-day journalists face.

Also present during the launch was the university Deputy Librarian, Mr. Joel Nakitare who motivated the students to publish more, as well as the representative of ICT, Mr. Odongo Odol, who underscored the importance of the students’ publications for webometrics.

The invited guests, Mr. Barack Wandera and Ms. Ruth Mbula Kilonzo
In conclusion, the launch of the Writers’ Club at Rongo University is not just an institutional milestone but a beacon of hope for all budding writers. With such a robust foundation, the future of literary excellence at Rongo University seems promising.