Mr. Caleb Nyangwono's Profile

Caleb Nyangwono is a graduate of Kenyatta University with a bachelors’ degree in Music/ English and a Diploma in Sports, currently pursuing a Masters Degree programme in Music Composition at Kenyatta University. Nyangwono has composed winning Music pieces that have equally been selected for national competition by the Kenya Music Festival Committee, KMF e.g. in 2018;Amache Nyamiriato was selected for class 511A.He has adjudicated Music through all the levels to the National. Caleb has been part of the team that writes the KMF syllabus annually since 2010. He Has conducted award winning choirs through all the levels (Primary to University).He has trained presented choirs for state functions. He has won accolades in Drama and Sports and Music. Currently, He is the Chairman Nyanza and Western University Regional Drama Committee. He is also a member of the Western Kenya University Sports Association technical committee. Caleb has composed Anthems for various institutions in Kenya including; 1. Rongo University. 2. Moi Sirgoi High School 3. Kipsaos High School 4. Kanga School 5. Kenyenya Teachers’ Training Collegge 6. Nakuru High School 7. Riokindo High School 8. Mokubo Secondary School 9. Tom Mboya Boys’ High School 10. BL Teza Secondary School 11. Nyakoiba High School 12. Onyalo Secondary School 13. Parklands Girls’ Arya, Nairobi 14. Nyamira Boys High School 15. Kabianga High School, Kericho 16. Otieno Oyoo Boys’ High School,Kisumu 17. Nambale Boys’ High School, Busia 18. Migori County 19. Shabana FC club anthem